Unit E

Plan of Unit E

A group of rooms to the south of Megaron Γ have been tentatively grouped as Unit E.  Room E1 is rectangular, measures 2.25 x 2.30 and is defined by walls N-049, N-050, N-051, and N-072. From its interior starts the large drain γ, which continues towards the north-west and feeds into drain α in square N139ζ10. This, in combination with the finds from the interior of the room, suggest that it was used for industrial purposes. A small rectangular room (1.35 x 2.30), E3, defined by walls N-071, N-072, and N-051 may have been used for storage. A large rectangular room E2, opens up to the south of E1. It measures 5.25 x 4  and is defined by walls N-051, N-052, N-066, and N-067.   The excavation of this room is not completed, but the massive drain γ seems to start from the outside of its southwest corner. An open area measuring 3.90 x 4 m is attached to the west of wall N-052 and contains three floors: the top one, at an elevation of 0.054 is made of large pebbles and packed earth and is 0.5 m. thick; the second one is found in the south part of this area (elevation +0.124) and is 1 cm thick, made of small pebbles set in plaster; the third one, 3 cm thick was traced in patches of the northwest part of this area and is made of plaster (lime). A post hole was found in the southwest part of this area, suggesting that perhaps it was an open space (Figure 22). The middle floor, which survives the best, slopes into a channel (w. 0.20, pres. L. 1. 3), which in turns slopes towards the north and seems to end in a series of horizontal slabs that may indicate the beginning of another drain.

Floor with post hole and channel
Terracotta pipe